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The Fighter Pilot (2013)

37 votes, average 7.0 out of 10

A young man Kentarō Saeki keeps failing his bar test and does not know what to do any more. His older sister Keiko is a freelance writer. Kentarō and Keiko begin to search for information on their grandfather, Kyūzō Miyabe, who died in the special forces during World War II. Their grandfather was terrified of death and obsessed with life. Why did he join the special forces? According to his fellow navy soldiers, Kyūzō Miyabe was a genius and also a coward. Kentarō and Keiko then discovers the shocking truth which has been sealed for 60 years.

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Views:51 views
Genre: Drama, War
Duration: 144 Min
Revenue:$ 84.500.000,00

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